Jade Snuff Bottles

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Suzhou white jade, school of Zhiting.

Nephrite snuff bottle with a kneeling monkey offering a peach to an old man leaning on the trunk of a pine, late 18th/19th century. Seattle Art Museum.

Embellished spinach jade, “East Meets West.”

Nephrite snuff bottle carved in the form of a monkey clambering up a double gourd to pick a peach, 1750–1800.

White nephrite; carved in the form of a fenghuang-shaped vessel, the bird nesting with its beak open, and a vase-form arising from its back, the vase with a single loop handle at the back of its neck, set above the tail of the bird.

Mottled grey nephrite of pebble material with some black skin; of irregular ovoid form following the shape of a natural pebble; the skin resembling a seated sage

Translucent, variegated greenish-white and emerald green jadeite

Greenish-beige nephrite of pebble material with russet brown skin and artificial brown colouring; carved on each main side with confronting mythical animals probably intended as chi dragons, with horns, manes, single-claws on each foot, and bifid tails.

Translucent blue jadeite; carved with a continuous design of two Buddhist lions, one with a brocade ball, the other clutching a rhinoceros-horn symbol in its right forepaw