Metal Snuff Bottles

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Snuff bottle, enamelled metal, from the Guangdong manufactory, Qianlong period. [After Tributes from Guangdong to the Qing Court(exhibition catalogue, HongKong: Palace Museum, Beijing and the Art Gallery, 1987), cat. no. 53.]

Imperial enamels on copper, ' Literati landscape '

Imperial enamels on copper, ' European Goatherd '

Bronze, of well patinated yellowish-brown colour; of modified meiping form; the four panels each with a series of antique vessels in cast relief (referred to as ‘The Hundred Antiques’), the neck with a band of leiwen design.

Blue and white enamels on copper with gold (cloisonné enamel); decorated with a continuous design of blue peonies on one main side, and blue magnolia on the other, against a white ground, the upper neck-rim with a band of formalized lingzhi design.

Famille-rose enamels on copper with gold (of the type known as cloisonné); decorated with a continuous garden scene with, on one side, a katydid amidst flowering chrysanthemums, also with a slight, rocky ground.

Silver; of meiping (`prunus-flower vase') form; decorated with a mantle of formalized floral design enclosed in `V' shapes, and around the base with a broad band of stiff, formalized lotus petals.

Silver encrusted with lapis-lazuli, malachite, coral and ruby; the outer casing on both main sides reticulated in a broad frame to a central circular panel decorated with a formalized floral motif in silver wire, partially beaded

Silver; chased on each side with a rectangular panel in low relief of a flying eagle above waves with distant mountains and the sun radiating beyond two wisps of formalized clouds