Porcelain Snuff Bottles

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Porcelain snuff bottle with two seated monkeys gazing at a pair of wasps hovering near the tip of a pitted rock, 1820–1860. Mary and George Bloch Collection.

Porcelain snuff bottle with Friar Sand being accepted as the third follower of Monk Sanzang, 1821–1850.

Porcelain snuff bottle with the main characters in Xiyou ji depicted in a river scene, 1820–1880. Mary and George Bloch Collection.

Imperial porcelain bottle, late eighteenth century.

Molded famille-rose porcelain bottle.

Snuff bottle, carved porcelain, inscribed Wang Bingrong zuo, Seattle Art Museum, Thal Collection. [After Jennifer Chen, Bottles of Delight: The Thal Collection of Chinese Snuff Bottles, (Seattle: Seattle Art Museum, 1998), 17, cat. no. 1.]

Porcelain bottle with enamel decoration of the “Nine flowers of autumn”, Qianlong mark and period, 1736–1795. Collection of Humphrey K. F. Hui.

Porcelain bottle with enamel decoration of quails and grains, Qianlong period, 1736–1795. Collection of Christopher C. H. Sin.

Porcelain Imperial poem, yuzhi inscribed.