(Spring 1998 to Winter 2007) 
of the 
Compiled by Robert Elwood 

During the thirty-nine-year history as the official organ of the International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society, we have published three comprehensive indexes of contents, the first in September 1981 issue of the Journal (13:3, 4–44) for the years 1969 to 1978; the second in the Spring issue for 1989 (21:1, 4–27) covering the period of 1979 to 1987; and the third in the Spring issue for 1999 (31:1, 4–27), covering the period 1988 to 1997. Now, with this latest installment for the years 1998 to 2007, the series has been brought up to date and it will be available on the Internet. It has been compiled by a professional indexer under my direction.               

The three sections of the index are:

A.     Proper Names including Journal contributors and Society activities >>

B.     Subjects >>

C.     Materials—Physical aspects of bottles including materials, motifs, marks, etc. >>  

In the first three indexes there are three main sections and these have been retained. There is no index of the former indexes or of bibliographies. The principles established for the second part of the index have been retained, with some minor adjustments. For the Chinese names included in the Index of Proper Names, the official Pinyin has been used consistently except where the earlier Wade-Giles transliteration appears in the titles of articles or books, e.g., Qing, but Snuff Bottles of Ch’ing Dynasty, 1978. With Chinese proper names, of course, the surname usually comes first, followed by the given name, e.g., Yang Boda, others have anglicized first names and, therefore, follow Western style, e.g. Peter Lam. Where a name appears only in Pinyin or Wade-Giles, it is indexed using that form and no hypothetical alternative is given. 

Within the Index of Subjects, important major categories include reviews of auction sales, book reviews, obituaries, and all of the activities connected with the annual conventions of the International Chinese Snuff Bottle Society: previews, lectures, seminars. Also, more detailed references have been provided for the activities of regional groups — speakers and the subjects of their lectures, etc., plus the brief biographies of contributors given on the title pages of the different issues of the Journal.  

There are separate headings for Hardstones, Jade (Jadeite and Nephrite), Organics, Botanical Motifs, Organic Materials, and Art Motifs, which should be consulted in conjunction with Symbols. Page numbers most often refer to the text of that page, but sometimes refer to illustrations and captions. This is especially true of the physical characteristics of individual bottles. 

The index in general is meant to be “user-friendly,” that is to say, analytical in a general way. No one could possibly anticipate all of the specific reasons why any particular reader might want to consult an index but the guidelines provided should be helpful to indicate the route to follow. If you do not find what you are looking for in the first place you look, try any other locations which might occur to you. 

With reviews of auction sales, for instance, dates and locations are given, along with the names of collections offered for sale, where applicable, and some attempt has been made to index bottles described with reference to material, decoration, artist’s name, etc. This information is selective in any case, since it depends on the reviewer, and readers who want to locate all of the examples of a given style or artist will at least know where to turn in order to consult reviews for themselves. 

With respect to the names of inside-painted artists, these have been indexed for examples cited in auction reviews, front covers or for illustrations chosen for articles in the Journal and where there is further discussion. 

The system of references to the Journal used in the earlier index has been retained. 

1.   Headings in the Proper Names index are in boldface capitals; those in the Subjects index are in boldface lower-case, except that the main headings are in boldface capitals and small capitals. 

2.   Titles of books and periodicals are in italics, and titles of articles and lectures are within quotation marks. The See and See also of cross-references are in italics. 

3.   Index entries give the volume number in boldface, followed by the issue number and the page references. 

The table below lists the volume numbers and the corresponding year. 

Volume             Year              Volume             Year
30                     1998                 35                     2003
31                     1999                  36                     2004
32                     2000                37                     2005
33                     2001                 38                     2006
34                     2002                 39                     2007