Journal Publications

In the first four years of the Society’s history, a quarterly Newsletter was published. However, beginning with the Winter 1974 issue, after a London Convention, the board of directors decided to publish a more scholarly Journal with feature articles written by specialists in the field of Asian art specifically related to Chinese snuff bottles. The Journal also includes book reviews, auctions reports and news related to exhibitions and any other relevant information for collectors. Your membership automatically entitles you to receive the Journal.

At the 1998 Seattle Convention, the board of directors decided to have three, instead of four, issues per year. These issues are larger - Spring, Autumn, and Winter are the publication seasons.

The Society has four complete indexes available. The September 1981 issue of the Journal (Vol. XIII, No. 3) is the index for 1969-1978. The Spring 1989 issue of the Journal (Vol. XXI, No. 1) is the index for 1979-1987. The Spring 1999 issue of the Journal (Vol. XXXI, No. 1) is the index for 1988-1997. The Spring 2008 issue of the Journal (Vol. XXXX, No.1) is the index for 1998-2007.

All back issues of the Journal are available upon request from headquarters. Each issue is sold at a cost of $20.00 for members. Non-members can purchase each back issue at the cost of $45.00. The cost is the same in original or copy form. Shipping/mailing cost to overseas members will be added extra.