Appeal for Shunzhi bronze bottles and enamels on glass by Ye Bengqi or Wang Xisan

Hugh Moss is presently working on the Shunzhi bronze group of bottles by Cheng Rongzhang and enamels on glass that might be by Ye Bengqi or Wang Xisan. He requests that all members who have any of these Shunzhi bottles, or any closely related wares, bring them to San Francisco to be photographed. Otherwise, please mail your own photographs either to headquarters or to Hugh Moss directly (address: Old Surrey Hall, East Grinstead, West Sussex RH19 3PR, England).

Even if the Cheng Rongzhang bottles or wares have already been published, so many show only one side, often without the mark, and rarely the narrow sides, whereas to make sense of it all he needs to see all of these views where possible. These will probably end up being published, with permission of course.